Theme parties can add much more to your party than just elegant food. Spice up the atmosphere an unleash your creativity! Theme Parties are Hors d’oeuvres portions.

Each party we cater for we will create a feast that is fun, colourful and mostly healthy to satisfy all the senses! We believe quality over quantity is much better. But….. we think that if the food looks fun and exciting to eat then we will be much more interested and intrigued in what we see in front of us, giving it a try and hopefully liking what wey see! We focus on healthy options .. So we can make food as per your requirement for any kind of theme.

Our Themed Party Banquet menu is offered as a standard package, we incorproate a starters, main and desert. This is the type of food that can be expected when ordering your Themed Party Banquet. Themed table decoration and co-ordinated plates and cups wil be included in this package too

Let us Arrange and Enjoy your Beautiful Moments